Invest and Reside in Thailand

McInnis CIT Investment assists Europeans who wish to diversify part of their wealth in Thailand or within the ASEAN region. Our services specialize in providing advisory and guidance when it comes to the investment within the real estate and other types of assets.

Thailand offers a various panel of possibilities and facilities when it comes to capital preservation, portfolio diversification, hospitality and long-term residency. Thailand is located in the heart of the ASEAN region which has been significantly developing over the last 10 years and which shows promising signs of growth.

Real Estate

We provide advisory services for individuals who wish to invest within the property sector in Thailand. We have developed a strong network of business relations in the most attractive destinations such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket.

We have the capacity to perform a customized selection process in order to fully satisfy the requirements of our clients. Our platform covers different types of properties:

  • Purchase of Residential assets such as condos, apartments, townhouses, villas and leisure properties (freehold and leasehold)
  • Purchase of Land and Investment Properties (freehold and leasehold)
  • Rent of all types of assets for short term and long term lease

Our services also include all the necessary support in terms of administrative requirements to fulfill in order to complete the transaction according to local regulations.

Our team would be glad to answer all your questions regarding capital gains, repatriation of capital and other questions related to transfer of assets.

Capital preservation & portfolio diversification

Thailand offers an interesting platform of investment options when it comes to portfolio diversification and capital preservation. This can be done through the services of well established financial institutions that have access to various financial products.

McInnis CIT has been investing time and efforts in building long term relationships with the most performing local trading houses. Some of them also have access to several products coming from neighboring markets belonging to the fast growing region ASEAN.

Our team is glad to assist its clients into the following areas:

  • Opening a saving, current and/or trading account in the bank of our clients’ preference
  • Provide with a large view of saving options (mutual funds, treasury bills, bonds, debentures, retirement mutual funds RMF)
  • Guide our customers through the process of investing within local stock markets (in Thailand and other Asian markets)

Residency and Retirement

Thailand is currently recognized as one of the most attractive destinations when it comes to leisure and long term residency.

According to HSBC Quality of Life Index, Thailand ranked in the top in 2010 and 2011. HSBC’s quality of life index was based on expatriates’ opinions of several elements of their living conditions in their host country. These included accommodation, food and diet, healthcare availability, social life, commute to a place of work, sports and leisure opportunities, entertainment and culture and travel.

In addition, a significant number of expatriates living in Thailand (about 25%) are retirees, having specifically chosen those countries as suitable locations for their retirement years.

Over the last 15 years, Thailand has been recognized as a top class destination and can differentiate itself within the following areas (see our country presentation for more details):

  • Cost of Living and Quality of Life
  • Leisure (Cultural & Sport Activities)
  • Safety and Stability
  • Services and Assistance
  • Health Care and Wellness
  • Financing and Banking

McInnis CIT is in a position to assist you within the following areas:

  • Provide you the full guidance in terms of legal and administrative requirements for short term and long term residency
  • Our people will help you manage your finances and prepare you for the key challenges of living in Thailand in order to respond to your requirements according to your needs and budget
  • Our services also include advisory in terms of tax measures that may apply or not in case of transfer of assets from abroad to Thailand and in case of ownership of assets in Thailand (capital gains, inheritance, transfer of ownership)

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